Remember [New] for a second,! “There is a reaction, President Li’s brainwaves are responding!” A woman’s voice sounded in Li Yu’s ear

Hearing this voice, Li Yu’s heart was shocked. This voice was all too familiar to him.

That was Xiaoyu’s voice, Yu Xiaoqi, a top student who once graduated from a prestigious school, a female scholar who coexists with wisdom and beauty.

When Li Yu’s company’s capital chain broke and faced bankruptcy, she still stuck to her post and silently accompanied him through the most difficult period.

It turned out to be her, is it Xiaoyu who has been guiding me? Could it be that she developed this plug-in system to help me?

“Mr. Li, President Li! Can you hear my voice? I’m Xiaoyu, can you hear me?” Li Yu heard Yu Xiaoqi’s voice again, this time it was clearer.

At the same time, Li Yu also felt that the space around him had become illusory, and his body seemed to have become illusory.

Not only that, he even felt as if someone was touching and shaking his body.

“Manager Yu, keep calling, President Li’s brainwaves are even stronger!” Another voice sounded.

“Mr. Li, Li, Li Yu, Li Yu, have you heard my voice, I’m Yu Xiaoqi…” Yu Xiaoqi’s call echoed in Li Yu’s ears.

He slowly felt his other body, and felt a crack appeared in front of him, there seemed to be light inside, and there was a swaying figure.

But he was like a nightmare. Although he could hear voices and feel someone shaking his body, he couldn’t move or control his body.

As if the soul and the body were separated from the general.

“Great, Manager Yu, the system detects that the consciousness data of President Li has been completed, and the consciousness can be activated to return!”

“Okay, hurry, hurry, start now!” Yu Xiaoqi shouted in surprise.

“Okay – President Li’s consciousness has been locked, ready to start the return!”

“Mr. Li, I’m Xiaoyu, did you hear me waiting, I know you have recovered your memory, all your consciousness data have been found, do you see the portal in front of you, come in, you You can leave the game world!” Yu Xiaoqi continued.

At the same time, Li Yu felt that he was back on Mount Kunlun, back to the place where he first came to this world.

In front of him, in the void, a huge door of space also appeared.

Li Yu looked at that door with a very complicated mood. He knew very well that if he walked out of that door, he could completely return to Blue Star and leave this world completely.

Even this departure may be forever.

Although Li Yu really wanted to return to the real world, after all, there are also careers he likes, achievements he is proud of, and his friends and relatives.

But there are also his family and friends here, his father, his lover, and glory and achievements, and he didn’t even say goodbye to everyone.

He was naturally unwilling to leave like this, so he suddenly hesitated. He wanted to go back and say goodbye to everyone, so after pondering for a while, Li Yu suddenly turned around.

“Li Yu, I know you want to find your uncle, but your uncle’s consciousness data has basically been lost. If you want to get it back, you need a long-term plan.

It took us a full ten years to regain your full consciousness, and if you do not leave now, we may lose your consciousness data again.

Li Yu, come back, we need you, the company needs you, the players need you, and the world needs you too! When you come back, we can find a way together, and we can use the method I helped you to let Uncle’s remaining consciousness retrieve the lost consciousness data by itself! ”

Hearing Yu Xiaoqi’s voice, Li Yu stopped.

ten years?

Has it been ten years?

Li Yu knew very well how precious the ten years on Blue Star was, and what was even more precious was that Yu Xiaoqi spent ten years searching for his consciousness, and he did not give up for ten years.

He knew that Yu Xiaoqi must have put in a lot of hard work in order to find herself and help her return to Blue Star.

Because he knows better than anyone how difficult it is to retrieve lost consciousness data.

“I’m sorry, Dad!” Li Yu said silently.

He decided to leave, but he firmly believed that he was definitely not saying goodbye this time. He would definitely find a way to come back, find his father, and say goodbye to this world.

Thinking of this, Li Yu walked into the gate firmly, the dazzling light drowned Li Yu’s vision, Li Yu felt his body suddenly sink.

Consciousness fell into a brief fainting state, and then Yu Xiaoqi’s call came again: “Li Yu, Li Yu wake up, wake up!”


Li Yu felt as if he had woken up from a deep slumber, and his perception was as if the spring breeze melted the snow, slowly recovering little by little.

A soft light appeared in front of his eyes again, and the voice in his ears became clearer and clearer, until he fully felt his slightly heavy body and somewhat stiff torso.

“Wake up, President Li is awake! We succeeded!” There were cheers from many people around.

And Li Yu’s vision also became clear, he looked at Yu Xiaoqi who was in front of him.

She is still so pure and beautiful, but her once immature aura has disappeared, but she is a little more mature and capable, her eyes are not so clear and bright, but full of the light of wisdom.

But at this time, these beautiful eyes were filled with tears…

There were many people standing behind her, some Li Yu felt familiar, some had no impression at all, but they all had smiles on their faces at this time, smiles from the heart.

After Li Yu woke up, everyone left the room wisely, leaving only Yu Xiaoqi and Li Yu.

Yu Xiaoqi helped Li Yu get out of bed and moved around a bit. The movements were very skillful. Li Yu could feel how Yu Xiaoqi took care of him in the past ten years.

He knows that after a person loses consciousness, his body will fall into a vegetative state, or even die directly.

Obviously I am lucky to be the former, but if a body does not move for ten years in bed, it is estimated that many functions of the body will be lost.

However, when I walk around now, I feel that my body does not seem to be much different from a normal person. After a little bit of adaptation, I can move normally.

Yu Xiaoqi supported Li Yu uneasy, she did not speak until Li Yu took the initiative to ask about what happened in the past ten years.

Ten years ago, when Li Yu entered the game, his consciousness suddenly broke away from the control of the equipment system, and eventually disappeared, and his body became a vegetable.

In the past ten years, Yu Xiaoqi has been trying to regain Li Yu’s consciousness. She can’t remember how many times she tried and how many ways she tried, but basically all failed.

Until three years ago, she finally successfully found Li Yu’s consciousness data and guided it back to her body~~ but found that the consciousness data was incomplete, so Li Yu still did not wake up from the coma .

After that, she tried many methods, but could not retrieve Li Yu’s other lost memory and consciousness data, until later she thought of letting Li Yu find his own soul fragments and his own consciousness data.

But this kind of thinking is easier said than done. She has also experimented many times and exhausted all methods to guide Li Yu, stimulate the data deep in his consciousness, and some mysterious power that she can’t understand. Li Yu himself found his lost consciousness and memory in that vast virtual universe.

Finally this time she succeeded.

And as Li Yu guessed, that system is indeed a plug-in designed by Yu Xiaoqi for Li Yu, and even the so-called Tiandao Bang was designed by her, and she made an attempt for it.

“Thank you, Xiaoyu!” Li Yu looked at Yu Xiaoqi, and his heart was full of gratitude and emotion. It turned out that it wasn’t just that there was someone waiting for him silently in some world.

In Blue Star, there was also someone who silently guarded him and waited for him. In the past ten years, Yu Xiaoqi used all her youth to wait for him.