Remember [New] for a second,! Time passed by, and it took Li Yu several months to adjust to the life of Blue Star again.

Although this is his home and the place where he lives, the years in the world of self-cultivation in his memories are also extremely real, and even those memories are more and more profound than his memories in Blue Star.

Sometimes he even felt that the self on Blue Star was virtual, while the self in the self-cultivation world was real.

Yu Xiaoqi has been taking care of Li Yu silently and accompanying him, which reminds Li Yu of Concubine Yu in the world of self-cultivation.

Speaking of which, I don’t know if it’s some kind of fate, but the two have many similarities in character.

Even in a trance, Li Yu often thinks that Yu Xiaoqi is Yu Ji.

Li Yu once guessed that Yu Ji might be Yu Xiaoqi’s own creation, an NPC character.

Then, under the action of an unknown force, he became a living person in that world, and accompanied him through countless years.

Just like my father also created the role of mother Gu Caiwei in that world.

Although the master of the flower world is not his mother in Blue Star, but he entrusts his father with all his thoughts and love for his mother.

Li Yu didn’t ask Yu Xiaoqi, but Li Yu had already deeply felt Yu Xiaoqi’s love for him.

This is now a leader in the field of virtual reality, a genius with worldwide attention, I don’t know how many companies want to poach her, I don’t know how many men are madly pursuing her.

But she has never accepted anyone’s courtship. For ten years, she stayed beside Li Yu who didn’t know when, or even if she could wake up.

This has already become a legend all over the world.

After Li Yu woke up, he did not accept media interviews. The company’s public relations department held a press conference to briefly announce Li Yu’s awakening.

And he only spoke a few words on the stage at the anniversary celebration of the oasis, proving that he really woke up.

Countless players spontaneously celebrated Li Yu in the oasis, and even designated the day he woke up as the Oasis Peace Day.

The enthusiasm of the players moved Li Yu very much.

This may be the reason why he loves this career as much as his father. Players may be the cutest group of people in this world. As long as you can bring them happiness, they will use all their enthusiasm and passion to repay you and thank you.

As time passed, Li Yu spent almost all the time in the office of his mansion, in addition to his daily fitness and exercise, reading many research materials and experimental data left by his father.

Study the game that my father originally developed.

Before he fell into a coma, the company was completely free from his management and operated normally.

Later, he directly gave up the position of ceo and put his experience in finding the father’s consciousness data.

So now that he is back, he hardly needs to intervene in the company too much.

Continue to study the drama developed by my father wholeheartedly.

He always felt that the sudden disappearance of his father’s consciousness and his own consciousness data did not seem to be due to a loophole in the game program.

Maybe there is some supernatural power, some reasons that he can’t answer and understand, causing the virtual world of this game to be different from a real world of self-cultivation.

Because that world is too real, the people in it don’t want the NPCs generated by procedural algorithms at all, at least even if he originally developed it, and now the oasis world that countless technical talents have worked hard for ten years, can’t compare with that world of self-cultivation.

The only thing that can be explained is that there is no game world at all, but a real world.

“What happened back then? Under what circumstances did my father lose his consciousness data in the game… There should be records in these experimental records!” Li Yuxin said.

one year later…

“Wife, don’t go to work in the company if you have such a big belly. Now the company has Lao Hu and Wang Di!” Li Yu said, looking at Yu Xiaoqi with a big belly.

Ten months ago, Li Yu officially proposed to Yu Xiaoqi. Soon after, the two got married and started their honeymoon. Yu Xiaoqi also became pregnant with Li Yu’s child.

Now Yu Xiaoqi’s belly is very big, but she is a workaholic by nature, so she can’t be idle at home, and she will feel panicked if she doesn’t work for a day.

“Husband, you know that I can’t be idle. By the way, how is your newly developed game?” Yu Xiaoqi asked, she knew that Li Yu had designed another game this year, which is said to be reserved for herself. recreational.

“Well, it’s almost done!” Li Yu said with a smile.

“By the way, what’s the name of your new game?”

“Heaven’s Way List!”

“Tian Dao Bang!” Yu Xiaoqi smiled knowingly, she knew what it meant.

But she didn’t know that the new game Li Yu was talking about was actually the one developed by her father.

“Aunt Xu, take care of Xiaoqi!” Li Yu said to the nanny.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Li, I will take good care of my wife!”

“Yeah!” Li Yu nodded, then turned around and got into his studio, put on the brain-computer equipment, and was ready to start the game.

His careful study of his father’s experimental data and materials over the past year has really allowed him to find a miracle, yes, a miracle.

When my father had an accident when he entered the game, something very strange and even bizarre happened, it is said that the staff recalled at that time.

Some people saw ball lightning fly into the experimental room, some people saw time go backwards, and some people felt that they briefly saw a nebula appear in front of them.

But because the time was short, they all thought it was some kind of hallucination, and they didn’t mention it.

If it hadn’t been for Li Yu to ask them to recall the situation at the time and focus on talking about whether they had encountered any strange things, they would have started talking about it.

Combined with the strange experimental data and pictures that Li Yu discovered, Li Yu consulted a lot of literature and consulted many experts in different fields.

Finally vaguely found the answer.

It is likely to be a special phenomenon formed in the quantum field, but with the current level of quantum technology, it cannot be fully explained.

But Li Yu is basically certain that his father’s drama seems to have really evolved into a universe, a real world, for some reason.

In other words, it connects a real world of self-cultivation.

There is real existence, people there, and everything there is not virtual.

But it is unbelievable that many of the rules of this world can be influenced by the programs on Bluestar, such as the system Yu Xiaoqi designed for Li Yu, and the Taoist Ranking of the day.

Li Yu didn’t tell anyone about these things. After all, no one believed him, and even thought he was crazy.

Later, he taught himself and studied a lot of science in the quantum field. After many attempts, he really established a mysterious channel in the game developed by his father.

The other end of the channel is connected to the world of self-cultivation.

And this channel can be opened and closed by his system, and it can be controlled to close.

He can freely enter and leave the two worlds, but when he enters the world of self-cultivation, his body in Blue Star will enter a vegetative state.

So he can’t stay in the cultivation world for too long.

Fortunately, the time flow of the two worlds is completely different. He can spend an hour in the world of self-cultivation for decades.

Not only that, but because of the reason of becoming the Emperor of Heaven, whenever he leaves the world of self-cultivation, the time in that world will stop until he returns.

So now Li Yu can enter the world of self-cultivation at any time, and can return to Blue Star at any time.

“Dad, you really don’t plan to take a look at Blue Star!”

In the Heavenly Court Hall, Li Yu and Li Qingyun chatted while drinking tea.

Now Li Qingyun already knows his true identity and what happened to Li Yu.

He is very happy that Li Yu has completed his unfinished dream, and he is also proud of Li Yu.

He was very moved that Li Yu could find him at all costs, and let him be a good father in another world, accompany him in his childhood and grow up with him.

When he was at Lanxing, because he was busy with work, he completely ignored Li Yu’s growth, never changed his diaper, never fed him milk powder, and didn’t even remember what he looked like as a baby.

When he regained his senses, he found that Li Yu had grown into a big child.

Therefore, this has always left regrets in his heart, and he has always been ashamed in his heart.

“The father on Blue Star was a failure and was very incompetent, so he didn’t have the face to go back, and for me, this is home, and here is my happiest memory!” Li Qingyun said with a smile.

Li Yu poured tea for his father again, and immediately said with a serious expression: “Dad, you have always been an excellent father in my heart!”

【End of the book】

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